How To Lose Weight Without Exercise by dietitian in lucknow

How to lose weight without exercise?

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Weight loss Doesn’t starts in gym first it start in your mind and then in real it starts in your Kitchen. Here is how to lose weight without exercise quickly by Dietitian Garima Mishra, Best dietitian in Lucknow.

In present time many of us are not able to make time for our fitness and exercise routine due to our hectic schedules and hence this is leading us towards Obesity. Firstly we should understand, What is obesity? Obesity is the root cause of many life threatening disease like heart attack, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Type 2 Diabetes, Fatty Liver and many more.  

All those who are dealing with obesity know how much difficult it is to take a proper diet, go to the gym, walks, exercise, and control their food cravings at the same time in order to lose weight. While it is always recommended to exercise and eat less to lead a healthy life, Dietitian Garima Mishra (dietitian in Lucknow) says it is not necessary to punish yourself with 2 long hours of gyming or exercising to lose weight if we have a logical and scientific ways of easily losing weight that too without much efforts , she does not believes in unhealthy ways to lose weight for example Skipping meals, Starvation or elimination of particular food groups. It is mandatory for all of us to understand the importance of balanced diet in our life.

So how does one lose weight without exercise and starvation? Is there any way to lose weight without starvation and balance life while doing all these things to lose weight? Well, there is! While each of the mentioned things can help in weight loss, all of them have to go hand–in–hand is not necessary.

Walk and exercise is good for health, there is no denying there, but when aiming to lose weight without exercise is still an option. Researchers have discovered that while exercising may be a way to cut out the fat, it may not be true because when a human starts working out, their body adapts to that nature and results in the body lowering the total number of calories needed.

Other researchers have observed that exercise can undermine weight loss and make one hungrier by misleading the brain into thinking that it is ok to indulge in junk food, as one would burn it in the next exercise session. So, what are the ways to lose weight without exercise?

5 Tips to lose weight without exercise-

There are various factors to keep in mind while loosing weight? Here are 5 amazing and easy tips to lose weight without exercise. Make your fat loss journey easier by following these tips!

1-Make your coffee black!

Over 50 per cent of the workaholics start their day with a cup of coffee which has sugar, flavoured syrups, and cream in their beverage, resulting in making the first meal of the day a calorie drink. Taking your coffee black will not only save you nearly 500 calories a week but lower your risk of insulin resistance, diabetes, and other sugar-related diseases.

2-Stay hydrated!

Most of the time we make mistakes while losing weight that we tend to skip drinking water and instead fill our stomachs with food. Drinking carbonated or sugary drinks will only add on the calories while water will provide nutrients and keep you hydrated. Having a glass of water before having a meal can help in weight loss because the water, before food, helps in food digestion. Plus, glowing skin is an added benefit that comes with staying hydrated.

3-Change your ingredients!

If we are talking about weight loss how can we forget Fats ? Vegetable oil is a source of unhealthy fat instead getting healthy fats from Ghee, Paneer, butter milk, curd, yogurt and seeds like pumpkin, watermelon, chia seed, flex seeds etc can be a good substitute to unhealthy fats. Researchers suggest that fats consumed through these sources helps in keeping a body healthy by controlling their cholesterol level and prevent heart or liver diseases.

4-Slow down your eating!

Eat slow, chew more. Your brain needs time to process that you have had enough food and you are full. Chewing your food thoroughly can decrease your food intake and further helps in digestion as you are not just swallowing your food in. A recent review of 23 observational studies reported that faster eaters are more likely to gain weight than slower eaters.

5-Eat everything, but small portions!

Portion control can go a long way in aiding weight-loss. Have smaller portions. In this way, you do not have to completely forego your favourite dishes rather you can satisfy your craving! However, try taking protein more in your diet and cutting down on carbs. Make protein and fibre your friend.

These are just five tips to lose weight without exercise. We, at Kitchen’s Diet, can help you lose weight by giving a proper customized diet for you based on your eating habits, body and medical parameters. A healthy diet is your doorway to lose weight quickly and avoid weight-related problems in the future.

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