Paan Kulfi Recipe

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Paan Kulfi recipe with step by step instructions:

Paan Kulfi just melts in your mouth leaving your mouth with the burst of flavors, refreshment and cool effect.

Firstly, take fresh Paan and immerse them in water for ten to fifteen minutes.

Now fold the paan from the center and chop the stem with a knife.

Repeat the same with all other paan. Chop Or tear the pan with your hand.

Grind paan, fennel seeds, gulkand if using Or fresh rose petals and cream. Grind until a smooth paste is formed.

Take full cream milk and cook on a wide bottomed saucepan on low heat. Once milk starts bubbling add sugar, crushed cardamom seed with pods.

Mix cornflour Or rice flour with water until they dissolve. Stir into the milk mixture. Keep stirring else there might be lumps.

Cook until milk thickens and reduces to half. Keep stirring in between. Now remove the cardamom pods and add crushed pistachios, nutmeg powder, rose water and salt. Combine all nicely. It’s important to allow the milk mixture to cool down.

Finally, add cream-paan mixture and mix nicely. Pour into kulfi frames Or moulds. Freeze until firm. Serve paan kulfi chilled garnished with few desiccated coconut flakes, rose syrup, fennel seeds and rose petals.
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