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Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchen’s Diet is a weight management and therapeutic diet planning platform where the patients are treated with food that is local and easily available in your kitchen.
We focus on providing balanced nutrition to every body for overall fitness, We just do not focus on weightloss instead we work on weightloss/Fatloss along with providing patients with healthy lifestyle, knowledge about their body type, best suitable food that is perfect for them and the most important thing is providing the Client with very good lifestyle changes that they can continue throughout their lives.
Some point that make us different from others are:

  • No starvation
  • No Calorie Count
  • No Gym/ exercise
  • Easy to cook Recipes
  • No Supplements/Pills
  • Cheat Day allowed every week
  • Stuffs Easily available in Kitchen
  • Results can be seen from day 1 onwards
  • Every Client is kept under direct guidance of Dietitian Garima Mishra, Best Dietitian in Lucknow for better communication and motivation through out weightloss journey.

Step 1 – Fill the Consultation form.
Step 2 – Once the form has been received, as per appointment slot availability your appointment will be scheduled with our Dietitian for counseling.
Step 3 – Our Dietitian will call you for Counselling which will be based upon your body parameters and medical parameters. After understanding your body completely. Our Dietitian will suggest you required time duration for your transformation and charges.
Step 4 – Payment ( Note: Payment has to be made in advance)
Step 5 – Medical Card will be sent to you along with a confirmation message.
Step 6 – Follow-up will start with the Dietitian.

Counseling form analysis by our competent and knowledgeable Dietitian:

The weight management and Disease control program is personally designed by our qualified and certified nutritionist Garima Mishra. She undergoes every patient’s case very thoroughly to acquire all minute information possible to customize and design a diet to give the best and sustainable results (Personal Dietitian in Lucknow).   

Diet Customization as per individuals need:

The Diet Plans are customized as per your body parameters like age, height, weight, gender, total energy expenditure, Basal Metabolic Rate, food preferences, work schedule, daily physical activity, current Blood and medical reports, as well as depending upon genetic and acquired medical condition due to bad lifestyle.

Nutrition Counselling:

DIET PLAN should not be all about creating a diet chart menu for the clients it should be focused on upgrading client’s knowledge through proper counseling, guidance, and motivation at every stage of their transformation journey. You will be in regular contact with your nutritionist through various communication mediums like calls, WhatsApp, messages, etc.

Zero Calorie Counting Concept:

Diet plans designed in the kitchen’s diet do not depend upon the calorie counting concept rather we work on making people eat healthy and losing weight naturally with sustainable results.

No Starvation:

“DIET” means eating your food in a balanced way to gain positive health outcomes like controlling various noncommunicable diseases namely diabetes, thyroid, fatty liver, uric acid, Polycystic ovary syndrome, etc. Diet is often used interchangeably with calorie restriction and starvation but this is not the actual meaning of diet, the diet should be easy, healthy, full-filling, and result yielding and so Dt Garima came up with the concept of kitchen’s diet where we design diet by combining modern nutrition and dietetics learning and food present in your own kitchen that will never give you feeling of dieting, Diets planned are very easy to cook which will not let you lose your interest in diet due to lots of time investment.        

Fast and Sustainable Results:

As our concept of designing a diet totally depends upon kitchen food (Natural Home Food Diets) and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper guidance and motivation the results delivered are sustainable and you don’t get weight to bounce back.   

Depending upon various factors person can lose 4-5 kgs (T & C Applied)

We do not believe in short term goal, we work on complete transformation of our client in reference to weight and disease management. So charges vary depending upon various body and medical parameters that has to be kept in notice while planning diet.Once Our Dietitian/weightloss Specialist will provide you health counselling she will share Charges depending upon body and medical parameters.

Diet plan will suggested with food stuffs that are easily available in Kitchen. Natural Home Food Diets will be given.

Formula for fitness is 80% of diet and 20 % of physical activity, and so 20% of physical activity can be achieved by doing your daily house hold chores, office activity etc. All the results that our clients have achieved is without gym, exercise or any physical activity that is needed to lose weight, so with our diet plan you do not need to do exercise to lose weight.

No we do not guarantee weightloss/Fatloss, but based upon our clients results I can say our weightloss diet plans are really effective and will give results if your are following it with discipline and most importantly as per weightloss Specialist/Dietitian’s suggestion.

You can submit payment directly in our Bank account or

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  4. PayPal