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Kitchen’s Diet is among the leading consultancies in the field of Nutrition and Dietetics where the main motto is to cure patients’ health naturally through the gifts provided to humankind by our mother nature. Kitchen’s Diet was founded by certified Dietitian & Nutritionist Garima Mishra.

Kitchen’s Diet provides their client with the freedom to eat without counting on calories. We at Kitchen’s Diet believe that weight management should not be once actual goal instead maintaining a healthy and disease-free life and body should be our actual goal.

Kitchen’s Diet put its 100% effort to make every transformation safe quick, easy, natural, and sustainable based on the concept of no exercise no starvation no calorie counting, and no supplement-based diet.

Kitchen diet provides a dietary solution for all the health-related problems and weight management with comprehensively going through an individual’s body parameter(like height weight, age, BMI, BMR extra) and medical parameters (like blood pressure, diabetes, hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, PCOD, etc)  keeping latest blood report in consideration.

Kitchen’s Diet treats their patients through applying learning from modern Nutritional and Dietetics science and gifts provided to humankind from our mother nature that is easily available in our kitchen.

All the patients are kept under the guidance of a personal Dietitian who not only makes sure that patients are getting healthy day by day but also helps them in making positive lifestyle changes so that once the diet gets completed individuals in themselves can choose a healthy lifestyle.

Kitchen’s Diet operates through the online platform on a worldwide basis as well as through clinic visits. We had served clients across the world including Canada, the USA, Dubai, New Zealand, Kenya, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, etc.

Kitchen's Diet Initiated By

Dietitian Garima Mishra

Dietitian Garima Mishra is an expert certified Nutritionist in the field of nutrition and dietetics. She has pursued Graduation in life sciences with specialization in immunology, Post Graduation in Life Sciences with specialization in food sciences, Post Graduate Diploma in the field of nutrition and Therapeutic Diet Planning, and she has undergone several laboratory training to understand the positive and negative effect of food its nature and effectiveness on the human body.

She is very passionate about her profession as she discovered her passion in the field of nutrition and diet planning. She is committed to forming healthy relationships with her patients by motivating and keeping them on track by regular progress monitoring on day to day basis.

Those who are looking to lose or manage their weight and want to overcome their chronic diseases should actually join her programs. She believes in improving her clients’ quality of life, by eating healthy, not less. she does not believe in calorie count or starvation.

Her client need not depend on heavy gym exercise to be fit and healthy so get in touch to learn more and start building a healthier lifestyle with food present in your own kitchen.

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