reasons why I am not losing weight

6 Surprising reasons why i am not losing Fat?

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Are You are doing everything right but still confused that why I am not losing fat?

Here are some common and medical reasons for not losing weight

By Dietitian Garima Mishra, Certified Dietitian Nutritionist (Chief Dietitian at Kitchen’s Diet)

There are times when you do everything right, but the results are just not what you are hoping for, and there is nothing more disappointing than that. When talking about weight loss, it is a difficult process – which does not always follow your lead. So, you have dumped on your junk food, revamped your diet with all things healthy, and committed to an exercise routine but still, your weight is not dwindling. You often ask yourself that why am i not losing weight when i exercise and diet?

You may be able to lose a lot of weight when you start with your diet or exercise. However, after a few months, the process of weight loss declines or stops altogether, discouraging you and making you less motivated to continue with the same routine with the same zeal. What is the point of putting in hours of hard work multiple times a week if you have nothing to show for it?

Weight loss is a never-ending cycle of hard work, but lack of results brings despair and frustration. Therefore, there are some reasons Why Am I Not Losing Fat:

  1. You are not sleeping well
    Sleep plays an important role in keeping you sane and healthy. Good sleep is one of the prominent factors to maintain your mental and physical health. Poor sleep is one of the single biggest risk factors for obesity. Lack of sleep affects hormones, ultimately affecting metabolism. Also, when you stay awake for longer hours, you get hungry more, giving you more time to eat. It’s one of the most common reason of not losing fat.

  2. Probably, you are losing inches
    There always come a time when the weighing scale gets pierced at a number and you stop losing any weight. But the positive side is that you might be losing inches in that time as you might be cutting the fat off your body. Bodyweight tends to fluctuate by a few pounds because it depends on the food you are eating, and it is possible to gain muscle at the same time as you lose fat.

  3. Your body has adapted the diet or routine
    Your body has probably accommodated with the diet you are following and the food you are eating, or the exercise routine you are following. When your body adapts to the new environment, it tends to not change after a time. If your weight has come to a standstill, it is possible that your system has adjusted to healthy food and is not working in favour. Therefore, you are recommended to alter your diet a bit but with new healthy food pattern.

  4. You are eating too often or eating too less
    Eating proper is a thing! While it is said that you should take smaller portions and small meals that does not mean you binge eat after every hour with your small portion. It may seem like that you are eating little portions every hour but, you might be eating more than you think. Or you might not be eating enough and cutting back the food because you are worried that it will make you gain again. Eating less could lead to a binge eating cycle soon or make you look fat due to bloating because of no food.

  5. You are having too much alcohol & too little water
    Drinking water can benefit weight loss. Research suggests that people who drink water 30 minutes before a meal, lose 44 per cent more weight than those who do not drink water. Drinking water also boosts burning calories by 24 – 30 per cent faster. Another thing is that you might be having sugary alcoholic beverages like beer and wine, which is restricting your weight loss.

  6. You may have an undiscovered / discovered medical condition
    There are some medical reasons for not losing weight that can make you gain weight, making it harder for you to lose it. Medical conditions like Thyroid, PCOS, Diabetes, Vitamin D deficiency are a few examples that lead to weight gain. Moreover, certain medications can also make weight loss harder, or even cause weight gain. If you are aware of any such condition that you have, you must ask your doctor what could be done, and if you do not have any such condition, then you must get yourself tested once.

We at Kitchen’s Diet make you discover which diet will suit you as per your body and medical parameters. At Kitchen’s Diet we always promote healthy balanced diet because it is harmless as it is prepared using the ingredients available in one’s kitchen and by adhering to the foods that suit the patients.

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