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The way your body looks and feels doesn’t start in gym it starts in your own KITHEN.

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Kitchen’s Diet is among the leading consultancies in the field of of Nutrition and Dietetics where the main motto is to cure patients health naturally through the gifts provided to humankind by our mother nature. Kitchen’s Diet was founded by expert certified dietician/nutritionist Garima Mishra.

What I Offer For Good Health?

We at kitchen’s diet make people gain weight through kitchen food which are easily available in kitchen. We do not depend upon supplementation rather we have natural alternatives to every supplement needed for weight gain.

Weight Gain

“If supplements are the only source to gain weight why have god created fruits, vegetables and grains in natural form” - Kitchen’s Diet

Lose Weight

“LOSE WEIGHT instead of LOSING LIFE” - Kitchen’s Diet

Therapeutic Weight loss Diet Plan

Day to day follow up to monitor daily transformation progress


Customized & personalized Diet plan as per body parameters, eating preferences & recent blood reports.

What People Are Saying

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I really was looking forward to losing my excessive weight and consulting Garima ma’am was the best decision. She is indeed a brilliant weight loss dietician in Delhi. She helped me in losing a great amount of fat and that too in such a fun and easy manner. I recommend her guidance to everyone who is seeking health related consultancy.
Philip Watson
I highly recommend Grima ma’am to all those who are looking forward to losing weight as she is indeed the best dietician for weight loss in Lucknow. She plans a healthy yet easy-to-follow diet plan. Do consult her if you are dealing with excessive weight like I used to.
Emma Roberts
Those who are struggling with their over-weight issues just like I used to should definitely consider consulting Garima. Huge thanks to her and the incredible tips she gave for me to follow. I have lost about 12kgs in few months, she is without a doubt the best nutritionist in Lucknow, and I totally recommend her techniques.
Olivia Spencer

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